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              Sean Christopher Dancy is the founder of The Anti-Chauvinist Initiative LLC, a web blog designed to address the negative impacts of chauvinism through literature and media and become an integral force to incite effective change in society and the world.  Born and raised by his late mother, Barbara Dancy in Brooklyn, New York he has always had a passion for writing and was encouraged to pursue it further after receiving compliments on his essays and short stories from teachers.  He graduated from James Madison High School in 1987 where he has also written articles for The Madison Moment, his high school newspaper, and attended Kingsborough Community College for one year.  He also attended the Gotham Writer’s Workshop in New York City where he took creative writing courses to enhance his literary skills.


               Sean lives in Levittown, Pennsylvania with his beloved wife, Tameron who he wed on Valentine’s Day in 2004.  He has been a platinum member of The Goodmen Project since 2016 where he has submitted thought-provoking articles about men’s rights, sexual abuse, and relationship challenges based upon his life experiences.  He is also a member of The Goodmen Project’s #STOPRACISM group that meets weekly to discuss latest developments in racial discrimination issues and ways to eradicate racism through dialogue and allyship.   


               During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that plagued the United States in early 2020 Sean was placed on mandatory precautionary quarantine by his employer for over two months.  Within that period there was a lot of anxiety surrounding the disease that infected and claimed millions of lives worldwide and caused untimely deaths of at least 150 of his co-workers.  The failure of the President Donald Trump Administration to address CDC directives for our American citizens and the civil unrest that subsequently led to the Capitol insurrection became the catalyst behind his one-term presidency, which adversely affected (and infected) countless lives including his own, his family, and the White House staff.  Contrary to his actions he failed to show true patriotism in what was undoubtedly and act of chauvinism.  With the root word in mind, Sean turned his pain into passion to deal with the root of the problem.  Along with Governor Andrew Cuomo during one of his daily COVID-19 briefings, his aunt, Virginia further encouraged him to use his time constructively and channel his justifiable anger in a positive direction.  Through prayer and guidance led by God and his Christian faith, he revived an abandoned trademark to give it a clear and timeless definition that will resonate with the struggle of humanity.  By doing so, he is inspiring others to use it as agents for global change to address and redefine ‘chauvinism’ at its core.


              Per the latter, the greater mission of The Anti-Chauvinist Initiative is to create an inclusive intervention of citizens, law enforcement, legislators, merchants, and all who are potentially impacted by the neglect of social and judicial corruption through activism and media to achieve justice and harmony for all Americans and the world.  We solemnly declare that by any legal means necessary, as a collective body we can eradicate chauvinism on every level.  Our core belief is “If you can’t beat them, own them.”

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